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Sliding Doors

Anxious about a sudden problem with the glass sliding doors in North York, Ontario? Is this a wooden pocket door and must be replaced? Or are you looking for a new sliding door for your home office – maybe, the patio?

You will be happy to know that whether we are talking about sliding glass doors, pocket wooden doors, or French slide doors, it makes no difference to us. We are the slide door experts you can trust for any service and know that we won’t be challenged – just thrilled to serve you. So, how can we, here at North York Windows & Doors, do that?

Time to get sliding doors in North York?

Sliding Doors

There’s a great variety of sliding doors, North York people should rest assured if they are planning to get any. Never worry about such things. And if you want to get multiple choices, fabulous combinations among materials, the finest quality, turn to our team. Not only do we go all out for you to be sure you get the right sliding door size, design, material, style but make sure everything is done by the book from the very start. Apart from telling us what you need, you don’t lift a finger. And you will enjoy an excellent performance for years to come due to the flawless sliding door installation. Isn’t that alone a good incentive to calling us?

Need the old or broken sliding glass doors replaced?

Are your patio doors really damaged? Why wait? Old doors, external doors are likely worn, even rotten or warped. Then again, there might be a sudden damage due to an attempted forceful entry. Put your mind at ease. All the times you feel it’s time to get a new sliding door, get in touch with us. Do exactly the same if you have troubles with sliding doors indoors. What’s the reason for struggling to operate a pocket door whose material is distorted due to a previous water leak? If it’s time to replace French slide or pocket doors – internal or sliding patio doors, turn to our company.

Searching for local sliding door repair experts?

Naturally, there’s no need to replace the slide door every time you deal with a problem. You can always call us for sliding door repair. The door may not move due to track damage. Or the wheels may have popped off. Or there might be something completely different blocking the door’s movement. Say the word, tell us how soon you’ll be available for the service, and see a pro landing on your turf in no time. Is there a problem with a slide door indoors? Is this a patio door or any other high-risk entry point? Let us handle any problem with all in-North York sliding doors. What we need from you is to make a call.