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About Us

We believe in marriage. The harmonious marriage of quality doors and windows & installation. No wonder North York Windows & Doors thrives as a supplier and install company. We make absolutely no compromises when it comes to the excellence of the products, the qualifications of the pros, the customer service. You trust us with your home door and window installation service in North York, Ontario, and we go above and beyond for you.

Great North York doors and windows, great window and door installation

It’s not the egg; it’s not the chicken. When it comes to window and door installation projects, both the quality of the products and of the service matters. Who wants to settle for less than perfection? External doors and all windows at home play a vital role in your security. They also determine the energy efficiency of the home. Their quality defines their longevity and resistance to both a potential force entry and to the elements. Naturally, our insistence on providing the best of the best quality doors and windows in North York pay off – your peace of mind.

And then, it’s all about trusting a certain job to door installers you can be sure of their expertise, devotion, knowledge! Isn’t it? Let us assure you. There’s no settling for second choices here either. Especially if there’s a need for front door installation. Or the installation of any high-risk door – commercial too.

But wouldn’t you also want a, perhaps, small internal door installation North York job done with equal perfection? If not, the door might be misaligned, fall, make noises, fail to close. No. There’s no reason for any of these. You just assign your house doors installation, the installation of all types of windows to us, and relax knowing both the service & the products are superb.

Let us make the hardest door or window installation stress free for you

You will be happy to know that we make the most demanding window installation North York job a breeze. On top of that, we show the same zeal even if a request requires the installation of just one door. We don’t split our projects to big and small. Yes, some are big. And some are small. Some are especially demanding. And some are urgent too. What if you want door repair quickly? What if you want a broken window replaced in a hurry?

Trust that we are here for new door and window installation projects and also replacement services. We are also available for door repairs, and offer solutions to commercial clients as well.

If we put sudden problems with windows and doors aside for a minute, all other projects should be joyful for you. And when it comes to troubles, they should be resolved so fast and well that you forget about them before the end of the day. With the best window installers, with the best door repairers, with our company as your supplier, your haven, your partner standing by, fear not. Just enjoy. You only tell us if you want new windows and doors in North York or the existing ones replaced. Ready for some changes?